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How do I choose the right buoyancy shorts?

The ZONE3 buoyancy shorts have been designed as an alternative to a pull buoy. No matter what model you were to choose, buoyancy shorts will give you a natural feeling of buoyancy and will allow you to improve your swimming with extra core support. Z

A guide to our Neoprene Accessories

We’ve all got a high concentration of blood vessels in our hands, feet and head. If these are left uncovered during a swim in cold water, you’ll find yourself losing heat at an incredibly high speed. Anything you can wear in cold water, therefore, ca

How do I care for my Neoprene gloves and socks?

Before swimming. We know that customers will want to wear the socks and gloves as they enter the water, and that this can sometimes involve walking across gravel, stones, grass etc. Our socks are not designed to perform like shoes, so do be aware tha