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A guide to our Neoprene AccessoriesUpdated 4 months ago

We’ve all got a high concentration of blood vessels in our hands, feet and head. If these are left uncovered during a swim in cold water, you’ll find yourself losing heat at an incredibly high speed. Anything you can wear in cold water, therefore, can be a massive help. 

Our product team know that finding products that are effective can be a bit of an issue, so collectively worked hard to design a range of Neoprene accessories that help you stay as warm and comfortable as possible, even on those colder swims.

We also recommend considering neoprene accessories such as base layers and thermal vests to improve warmth by layering or adding protection to areas exposed to the cold water.

Gloves & Socks

We manufacture two different versions of both of these products: 

'Neoprene' and 'Neoprene Thermo-Tech'.

If you are looking to provide maximum protection from colder temperatures and greater levels of personal comfort, we strongly recommend selecting our 'Neoprene Thermo-Tech' range of gloves and socks. These are made with thicker neoprene and will therefore keep your extremities warmer during the winter months. 

We've recently introduced a mitten shaped option for the 'Neoprene Thermo-Tech' range to provide additional warmth by bringing your fingers together and reducing the surface area exposed to the cold. If you've worn mittens before you'll know the difference they can make to how you experience colder temperatures. 

The 'Neoprene' range would be suitable for those swimmers who perhaps experience the cold more prevalently in most situations, and will offer additional protection during your training if you are especially sensitive to feeling the cold through your hands and feet even in warmer water temperatures. 

We have also recently launched gloves and socks in the Yulex range, and these would perform in a similar way to the 'Neoprene Thermo-Tech' range but are made from sustainable biorubber instead of neoprene. 

Neoprene Gloves Thermo-Tech Gloves

Neoprene Swim Caps
The ultimate thermal protection for open water swimming. The Neoprene Swim Cap provides warmth whilst maintaining good hydrodynamics through the water. It has a Velcro strap which joins under the chin so optimum fit is ensured. Also available in a strapless style.

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