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How do I care for my Neoprene gloves and socks?Updated 4 months ago

Before swimming

We know that customers will want to wear the socks and gloves as they enter the water, and that this can sometimes involve walking across gravel, stones, grass etc. Our socks are not designed to perform like shoes, so do be aware that they risk damage from abrasive surfaces if you choose not to wear flip flops or similar shoes suitable for the water's edge, to protect the bottom of your socks. 

After swimming

Always rinse your wetsuit socks and gloves in fresh water before starting the drying process. Don’t use harsh soaps or detergents – fresh water is all you need! Obviously, air drying is what you need to do. Never, ever put your neoprene gloves/socks in a washer and dryer. Also, keep them out of direct sunlight. The UV rays degrade neoprene and cause premature breakdown.

We recommend to wring out the gloves/ socks using a dry towel which will force out as much residual water as possible. You want to start the drying process with the gloves/ socks as dry as you can get them.

Once the gloves/ socks are slightly damp to the touch (after using the dry towel to wring out extra water), move them to a dry and warm area. If you have a broom or brooms, you can place the boots upside down on top of the broom handle(s).  You can also hang them from a peg hook or something similar. We've also heard of customers placing them ontop of an empty (and clean) wine bottle and then placing the bottle near a source of warmth. This will warm the air inside the bottle which will rise into the gloves/socks and assist in the drying process. 

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