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How do I choose the right buoyancy shorts?Updated 5 months ago

The ZONE3 buoyancy shorts have been designed as an alternative to a pull buoy. No matter what model you were to choose, buoyancy shorts will give you a natural feeling of buoyancy and will allow you to improve your swimming with extra core support.

ZONE3 developed the first model of buoyancy shorts back in 2007, 5:3mm thickness, these are known as our Originals.

The 'Originals' (5:3mm thickness) are made from top quality Yamamoto Smoothskin neoprene and stitched and bonded the same way as our wetsuits. Designed using 3mm neoprene down the centre and 5mm neoprene on the sides. The shorts offer core body buoyancy and help to promote hip rotation through the stroke.

We normally recommend The Originals for novice or intermediate level swimmers. The major factor which prevents them from swimming faster is usually the lack of core stability and leg kick. However, we have numerous customers who would rate themselves above intermediate and they love The Originals.


 The 'Next Step' (3:2mm thickness) were designed to offer the perfect progression from our Original buoyancy shorts, designed for those looking to take their swimming to the next level. The reduced emphasis on buoyancy and core support enables the swimmer to continue to develop their technique and efficiency with slightly less dependency. They are made from the same Yamamoto Smoothskin neoprene with stitched and bonded seams.

They have been upgraded to the 'Active' for the SS24 season. 


The 'Active' (3:2mm thickness) is a new introduction to our range for SS24 designed to be a must-have for the beginner swimmer. The 'Active' neoprene buoyancy shorts are made with a smoothskin front panel and nylon side and back panels, with enhanced core support. 

 The 'Premium' (5:3mm thickness) option is the model that provides the highest level of buoyancy but without the increased thickness if we had used the same materials as the Originals. They use a combination of Yamamoto #39 SCS on the front and back panels, and Yamamoto SCS Aerodome on the side panels. This gives a softer, lighter and more flexible fit along with more buoyancy and hip rotation that is suited to heavy legged swimmers looking to refine their technique.

We are also using this type of material on our high end wetsuits, such as the Aspire and Vanquish.


"The Premium" model is the model with the highest level of buoyancy. If you don't think you need that much support we recommend you select one of the other options. If you think you would do better with top level buoyancy keep in mind we have had customers reporting discomfort caused by the high level of buoyancy causes the back to arch, causing unpleasant back pain. This is more common in women because of the way they carry their weight/body fat, and that women are naturally more buoyant compared to men. Therefore, again based on feedback, we have launched last year a model dedicated to women. 

I hope you find useful the above information and it will now be easier for you to decide which model would suit you best. If you have any further questions, we are here to help so feel free to contact us using the following email address: [email protected]

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