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Do ZONE3 sell goggles with corrected lens option?

Unfortunately, we do not manufacture goggles with a corrected lens option. Other manufacturers do offer corrected lens options on goggles.

Do you sell goggles for children?

Yes, we do sell goggles for children. We have always been passionate about grassroots and understand how important those first experiences are. Our children’s collection has been developed to the same standard as our adults range offering perfect fit

Do you sell goggle straps?

Unfortunately we do not sell goggle straps separately. If your strap needs replacing, please get in touch with our customer service team and we will do our best to help you: [email protected]

My goggles fog up. Is there a solution?

Goggles fogging up is usually not caused by a fault with the goggles , but caused by extreme differences in body temp, water temp, air temp and humidity. You will experience fogging with your goggles because warm, wet air (usually created by your bod

Are ZONE3 goggles latex free?

Yes, our entire goggle range uses silicone in the gaskets of our goggles, and our goggle straps are also all made out of silicone.

Which goggles are best for me?

Goggles they are tough, they give us ultimate visibility and they protect our eyes, and they are perhaps the unsung heroes of the water world. While trisuits and wetsuits get all the glory, the humble goggles are most certainly an essential part of t

What colour goggle lense should I choose?

The type of lens you should choose for your goggles depends very much on the environmental conditions you will be using them in. This includes weather conditions, sunny/overcast, indoor/outdoor, overall visibility etc. In addition, you may choose to