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My goggles fog up. Is there a solution?Updated 4 months ago

Goggles fogging up is usually not caused by a fault with the goggles , but caused by extreme differences in body temp, water temp, air temp and humidity. You will experience fogging with your goggles because warm, wet air (usually created by your body temperature) condenses on the surface of the lenses which are cooler than this air. 

For example, if your body is very warm and the water very cold, then they may steam up. You may find this occurs more frequently where you are performing a high intensity pool based session rather than when swimming in open water situations. 

All of our goggles come with anti-fog coating inside the lenses as standard. This coating is designed to make it harder for the condensation to stick to the lenses. 

Never rub the inside of the goggles with your finger or a cloth as this will remove the anti fog coating and then they will steam up all the time. Ensure that you allow your goggles to air dry after your swim to protect and prolong the life of your goggles. 

There are many anti fog solutions sold, but these can often be fairly toxic and can cause eye irritation, so we do not necessarily recommend these solutions.

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