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Do you sell goggles for children?Updated 4 months ago

Yes, we do sell goggles for children. 

We have always been passionate about grassroots and understand how important those first experiences are. Our children’s collection has been developed to the same standard as our adults range offering perfect fit, supreme comfort and maximum performance but for a smaller face. 

The kids Aquahero goggles are super comfortable, designed with both pool and open water swimming in mind. The anti-fog treated lenses provide crystal clear vision so that kids can enjoy the same performance and comfort as adults. 

We wouldn't necessarily suggest an age range that these would be suitable for as every child is an individual and develops at a different rate. However, we'd generally expect children from ages 5 up to early teens to find the size of these suitable. 

In some cases, even adults with smaller faces can find our children's range to offer a more comfortable fit due to the slightly smaller gasket size and shorter nose bridge. 

If your child doesn't find the Aquahero range to offer the best comfort, the adult version of these goggles, the Attack, could be the solution for the more developed young swimmer. 

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