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ZONE3 Swim Training Aid/Mesh bagUpdated 4 months ago

Our mesh bags are available in two sizes, depending on how many training aids you've accumulated in your time as a swimmer. Or you could choose to use it to store your wetsuit immediately after use if your suit doesn't come with it's own waterproof bag.

Whatever you choose to use your bag for, the mesh design allows the bag to be hung up and the contents to dry all at once. Or to be placed at the end of your swim lane for easy access to your training aids during your pool-based session.

Both bags have a long wide strap for carrying over the shoulder, short strap for hanging on pegs, and a drawstring cord for easy access. 

Fill your bag with the following swim training aids:

  • Regular sized kickboards
  • Pull buoys
  • Paddles
  • Short fins/flippers
  • Wetsuits
  • Drinks bottles
  • Snorkels (large bag only)
  • Long fins (large bag only)

Large mesh bag: 70cm x 45cm

Small mesh bag: 65cm x 30cm

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