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ZONE3 MissionUpdated 6 months ago


Our mission is to be the most loved and chosen multi-sports brand around the world - creating product that embody our passion and inspires athletes to achieve their personal goals


Swimming, cycling and running has been in our DNA since day one. Elite triathlete and World Championship winner, James lock, founded ZONE3 at Loughborough University in 2006; fuelled by his obsession with performance and gaining the competitive advantage.

From humble beginnings and driven by passion, the ZONE3 brand has grown organically to become Europe’s leading triathlon and swimming brand. The commitment to excellence in product design and innovation has resulted in an incredible range of awards and ZONE3 leads the industry in terms of being the highest performing brand on the market, as rated by both the media and our customers. 

Our athlete-centric design process and commitment to the grassroots has resulted in athletes of all abilities being able to achieve higher levels of athletic performance and enjoyment within the sport. In 2018, ZONE3 received a Queen’s Award for Business Enterprise to recognize this achievement.

Our team has the same blood pumping through our veins as you. We understand what it takes to be your best and the sacrifices and efforts which are made to take part in the sport we love. For over ten years we have listened, learnt and evolved to support you further. Dedicated to research, development and innovation. Working together to reach new limits.


We create world-class products that embody our dedication to the sports we love.

Products that will inspire and enable you to achieve your best and maximise your performance. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just dipping your toe in, we are committed to supporting you on your journey.


Our inspiration is that feeling of achievement.

From World Championship podiums to first open water swims; from marginal gains to regaining headspace.

We know that feeling. It is what drives us every day. Seasoned athletes ourselves, we have a profound desire to support you in experiencing the self-pride and fulfilment which comes from our sport.

We work tirelessly to create market leading kit which allows our customers to achieve their goals and break new barriers.

This is our motivation.


We believe that you deserve the best.

We know the sacrifices you make for your sport—to find the time and energy to train, compete, and get away from everyday life.

We believe you should be able to commit to the sport you love—knowing your equipment will never hold you back.

Whether you are putting in the hours in the pool, open water, on the trails, or on the road—we promise our products will support your commitment. Our product-first philosophy drives us to commit thousands of hours to ensuring every detail, stitch, and fabric choice leads to best-in-class performance and functionality.


At ZONE3, we know that feeling of enrichment and achievement through sport.

We know the difference that equipment can make in the journey to reaching your goals.

This is our motivation—to support you in being your absolute best.

This is our why.

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