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Which ZONE3 wetsuit will keep me warmest in cold conditions?Updated 3 months ago

It is important to remember that everybody differs when it comes to tolerance to the cold, it is up to the swimmer to determine how long they can swim in cooler temperatures, though it is something to get used to.

Our wetsuits have varying core thicknesses and panels up to 4mm/5mm and all should be sufficient. However, we do recommend purchasing ZONE3 neoprene accessories such as base layers, thermal vests, socks, gloves and swim caps to improve warmth by layering or adding protection to areas exposed to the cold water. 

Our Thermo-tech range of accessories offer greater protection against the cold than our standard Neoprene accessories. 

Our Thermal wetsuits are based on the standard model of the same name with the addition of a fleece lining layer inside the suit. You may find that the thermal version will feel a little more snug than the standard model, this is due to the lining of the suit. 

To find out which suits are currently available, please use the search function on our website and search for the term 'thermal'. 

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