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What recycled & sustainable materials do you use?Updated 4 months ago

Here at ZONE3, we are passionate about protecting our environment for future generations to explore and enjoy the world through open water swimming and triathlon. We continue to explore opportunities to introduce recycled or sustainable material sources into our product range. 

Products using recycled materials

  • OWS Renew swimwear range: all of our swimwear described as Renew uses Xfinity Renew material which is polyester yarn made from recycled polyester. (This does not apply to the OWS Ti+ products)
  • Swim buoys & tow floats: our entire range now use 100% recycled polyester for the main body material. You may still see previous, non recycled, versions available as we run our old stock down, but all newly produced swim buoys and tow floats use recycled materials. 
  • Thermo-Tech Parka Robe: all of our newer Parka Robes now feature 100% recycled outer shells as well as inner fleece linings; made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Products using sustainable materials 

  • Padded Gilet: The outer shell, inner lining as well as padding materials are 100% recycled polyester.
  • Switch Multisport wetsuit: The main body of our new multi-sport wetsuit is made from limestone based smoothskin neoprene. Smoothskin neoprene panels are used on the shoulders for reduced drag when swimming.
  • Terraprene Vision: In a world first for triathlon performance wetsuits, we are proud to introduce you to the NEW Terraprene Vision wetsuit. Constructed with Terraprene rubber, for the first time your wetsuit has the chance to biodegrade when it reaches the end of its life supporting you in the water. 
  • Yulex: By using natural rubber we are able to look after both you and the planet, cutting carbon emissions by up to 80% per suit. The Yulex foam is sandwiched between 100% recycled polyester and nylon linings.

Unfortunately, we're unable to source recycled or sustainable solutions for our fastenings, poppers, buttons, zips and valves at this time. 

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