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I want to write a reviewUpdated 4 months ago

We always love hearing from our customers and take all of your feedback very seriously. We review your comments regarding our service to determine where we might be able to enhance the customer experience and we feed your comments into our product development team to consider for future variations and new products. 

Product Reviews

You can leave a product review by selecting the product page on our website, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You have the option to either write a review or ask a question specifically about that product. 

Alternatively, when you have recently purchased a specific product, you will likely receive a polite reminder to review the product you've just purchased. If you click the link in the email you have been sent by us, this should take you directly to the correct page for you to leave your review as above. 

Site Reviews

You can leave us a Site Review by scrolling to the very bottom of any webpage and selecting Customer Reviews under the ZONE3 menu. You can then choose to write a review regarding your overall experience of purchasing from us directly. 

Any review of 5* will be automatically published. Anything else will be held in pending to allow us time to review and respond to any concerns raised. 

We will only reject reviews containing profanities, personal information or where the comments are misleading or untrue about the product. We happily accept reviews of all ratings and these will all be published following review by our team. 

Provided that you have signed up to our loyalty scheme (Clubhouse) you will receive additional loyalty points for every review you leave us. 

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