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How is my refund calculated?Updated 5 months ago

Returning your ZONE3 gear for a refund is easy to complete online! 

First, initiate your return online at Returns Centre using your order number and one of the following; email address, postal code, contact number used for your order.

Your refund will go back to the method of payment you used when you placed your order. 

When returning an order, if a Gift Card has been used when placing the order, this will be refunded first. If the amount is greater then the Gift Card amount used when placing the order the rest will be refunded in cash.

You will be refunded the value of the product(s) you are returning. Where you have used a discount code or a promotional offer, the discounted value will be applied proportionately across all eligible products. 

For example: 

  • You purchased 1 x gloves @ €10, 1 x socks @ €15 and you used a €5 discount voucher, so only paid €20 in total. 
  • If you only return the gloves, you will receive a €8 refund.  

Please note it can take up to a week for your bank to process the refund once it's been issued.

Please note: If you are looking for a refund for an item that you've already exchanged, your refund will go against your original order number. 

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