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How do I place an order?Updated 8 months ago

To add items to your basket:

  1. Find the item you wish to order and select the colour and size you wish to order. Tip: Use our handy size guide for finding the perfect fit for you.
  2. Click add to cart and you will be taken to the cart page where you will see the item you have just selected. 
  3. If any of your selected items are subject to a promotion i.e. BOGOF, be sure to add all of the items to your basket to ensure that the promotion is activated.
  4. All costs will be displayed in your basket, and discount codes can be used when you head to checkout. 
  5. You can easily remove items from your basket at any point by simply clicking 'Remove' in the cart page. 

To Checkout:

  1. From the cart page, click Go To Checkout. 
  2. We would advise against deliveries to hotels and cannot accept the risk of the parcel getting lost once it is in transit. We will of course do what we can to help in these circumstances, but we cannot guarantee successful delivery. 
  3. If you do select a delivery address at a shared location or a business address, please ensure that the receiving area is made aware of the expected delivery to prevent refusal. 
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