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Common allergenic materialsUpdated 4 months ago

At ZONE3 we're conscious that some of our customers may be sensitive to common materials used to manufacture our products. In our desire to be as transparent about our products we've listed the most common allergenic fabrics and our products which contain these. 

Latex: None of our products are made from latex. You can choose our swim caps and goggles in confidence that these are 100% silicone across our product range. 

Neoprene: All of our wetsuits unfortunately contain neoprene. Even our Yulex Switch wetsuit has neoprene shoulder panels so would not be suitable for someone with a known neoprene allergy. Although we don't manufacture a wetsuit which is 100% neoprene free, you may wish to look at our Yulex swimwear collection which is made with plant based biorubber. 

All of our neoprene accessories range (gloves, caps, socks etc), buoyancy shorts and swimskins all contain some element of neoprene. Our Yulex range of accessories would be a great alternative for customers looking for gloves, socks and caps that are neoprene free. 

Silicone: Our entire goggle range and swim caps are made with silicone, so these products would not be suitable for someone with a silicone allergy. 

All of our trisuits except Lava have silicone based leg grippers. If you have a known sensitivity to silicone, we would recommend looking at this trisuit as the leg grippers are textile based. 

If you are still unsure about a particular product and a sensitivity that you're aware of please contact our Customer Services team who will be happy to support your request. You can get in touch at [email protected] 

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