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Can you tell me more about Terraprene?Updated 3 months ago

TerrapreneTM is a cutting edge synthetic biodegradable rubber material and is used in our Vision wetsuit. The material boasts similar properties to regular performance neoprene, but is produced from renewable feedstocks and is 100% biodegradable. It uses limestone rock (calcium carbonate) as the key ingredient to replace the main petrochemical inputs to make polychoroprene (neoprene). 

Traditional neoprene wetsuits use a synthetic rubber made from petrochemicals. It is highly resistant to a broad range of environmental conditions, but it is non-biodegradable and will last 100years+ in landfill. 

Terraprene material will biodegrade under the correct heat, moisture and pressure conditions found in landfill sites. It will degrade by 30%in 522 days in landfill conditions.  It will NOT degrade while it is in use. 

When your Terraprene wetsuit comes to end of life, and cannot be considered repairable, it should be disposed of in landfill. You should not try to perform this process yourself using your home composting solution as this will not provide the correct heat, moisture and pressure conditions that will encourage the degradation process of the material. 

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