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Can I get my wetsuit repaired?Updated 5 months ago

We always recommend checking over your wetsuit each time it has been worn to make sure any nicks are addressed immediately. If left unrepaired, they can cause stress points on areas and become larger if not addressed as soon as possible. 

If the rest of the wetsuit is still in a good condition then a small repair could be the only thing required to have you back swimming.

We recommend Black Witch Wetsuit Repair Glue which repairs nicks and cuts within a few minutes. The Black Witch Neoprene Glue consists of toluene free formula and rapidly repairs simple joining of seams or edges. It bonds the rubber firmly and maintains the suits flexibility, and robustness. It is also suitable for use on latex wrist and neck seals, and silicone seams.

If you have not carried out a repair before, we recommend watching a video for guidance, here is Global Triathlon Network repair video on YouTube: How To Repair A Wetsuit | GTN's Ultimate Guide 

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to repair wetsuits in house, but we do recommend you contact a 
neoprene repair company if you are not comfortable with performing the repair yourself. 

They may be able to help you repair:

  • fingernail tears & nicks
  • seam splits & general wear repairs
  • zip repair & zip replacement
  • panel replacement
  • alternations

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