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Are your Swimskins non-wetsuit legal?Updated 8 months ago

We are often asked which of our products are permitted in non-wetsuit swims. 

Whilst we would always recommend reviewing the specific rules of the event organiser for the competition you are referring to, we've gathered what we feel is relevant for you to determine whether our Swimskin collection will be able to support you in non-wetsuit swims.

In many cases, it is any neoprene material which is not permitted to be worn during non-wetsuit swims. 

Our Streamline Swimskin is made from 75% Polyamide, 25% Elastane, it doesn't contain neoprene.

Our Short Sleeve Swimskin is made from 65% Polyamide and 35% Elastane. The chest panel features Yamamoto SCS textile designed to improve speed and significantly reduce drag as the body accelerates forward, this also doesn't contain Neoprene.

Our Swimskins are also FINA approved.

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